Why I Use Thrive Market

Disclaimer: I would never promote a product or service that I haven’t used successfully and deemed worthy of sharing. It helps me to speak to you on a more personal level.

I first heard about Thrive Market over a year ago from another blog site I frequented. It was around the time that my then one year old was starting to get into snacking at school. I was on a search of wholesome products that I felt comfortable feeding him without blowing my grocery budget. Honestly, why should a grass fed bag of jerky cost more than a kid’s hamburger meal at your local drive through? 

Over the last year, Thrive Market has become so much more than just a source for paleo snacks. I cannot say enough great things about their company, mission, and quality of items they carry, but I have summarized my favorite things about Thrive Market below

  1. Wide Range of Product Offerings

    They have over 4000 high quality products on their website and are adding new ones all the time. I frequently find myself spending hours just browsing the site for new products, whether it be shampoo for me, new paleo friendly flours to try, or snack foods for my son.

  2. Free Shipping

    For orders over $49, your order ships free. We typically place one order a month with all of our dry good items, plus a few new finds. This helps us stay on budget. Being that shipping is free, it is just like shopping at your local grocery store, only healthier!

  3. Healthy Products at Wholesale Prices 

    Through an annual $60 membership (much like your neighborhood wholesale warehouse store), Thrive Market provides products that are rarely found in your typical grocery store and are typically priced lower than the grocery store versions!

  4. Shop by Dietary Preference

    Not only do they have an entire section dedicated to paleo, you can also shop by everything from ‘gluten free’, to ‘vegan’ or ‘non-GMO and ‘certified organic’.

  5. No Hidden Ingredients

    On each product page, every ingredient is clearly identified in an easy to read list. This is extremely helpful when trying to find food that I can feel good about my family eating.

  6. Trustworthy Brands

    They carry products from over 400 of the top health conscious food brands on the market today. I have discovered so many great products that I never would have heard of otherwise.

  7. Packaging and Customer Service

    Their customer service is unbeatable. On many orders, I even get a personalized note from the person who packaged it. This is a small gesture but means a lot to me. They use environmentally and recyclable products to package their orders as well.

  8. All my Favorites in One Place

    Thrive makes it simple to get all my healthy staples in one place, without the high price tag. This makes my weekly grocery shopping easier and helps me to stay within my grocery budget each month.

Check out Thrive Market today. They are currently offering a discount off your first purchase. I know you won’t regret it.