My Continued Effort to Cut Grocery Costs


Before I share my most recent fail, a few months ago I used the tips shared in a previous post to cut our weekly grocery costs in half. It has helped us save money each week and has enabled us to still eat a diet filled with healthy and nutrient dense food.


Real life recently hit my house and we found ourselves needing to cut costs by a lot.  It got me thinking…could I get our weekly grocery costs down even more? A few months ago, I took a more serious look at what we were spending at the store and found ways to cut costs, but it wasn’t enough to get us out of our ‘real life’ scenario. It got me thinking, could I cut our grocery bill even more and still feed my family real food?

The nerd in me wanted to scream ‘CHALLENGE ACCEPTED’ but instead, I made a list. I decided this was my first step in cutting costs. I wanted to see if there was anything I didn’t really need to purchase and any items that could be replaced for less expensive versions.

At the store, I only purchased off the list. I didn’t wander all the aisles to see if there were any new products we needed to try. Instead, I focused on the task at hand. We shopped as a family which helped keep me in line. It was also nice to have my little one help, especially when he threw a carton of blueberries in the cart that immediately exploded all over the produce floor. His idea of helping was to eat the blueberries off of the floor. Boys will be boys, even at two years old. I guess he’s building immunities.

Going to the checkout, I was extremely proud of our attempts. I even took a picture to show all the food we got for what I thought would be half of our normal grocery costs. Boy was I wrong.

The change was so minimal that it was basically the same. While I didn’t go over budget, I didn’t help my family save any money.


I wonder, if it is possible to eat real food on a really tight budget? I recently watched a documentary about childhood obesity and one of the key points they are finding is that low income families can’t afford to eat fresh ingredients. It wasn’t the first time I had heard that. It’s one of the biggest arguments against the Paleo diet or any other real, fresh food diet. At my core I think it can be done. Yes, my first attempt failed but I am not going to give up. Instead, I will take an even closer look at our groceries. I bet I can figure out ways to cut costs.

More to come on this topic. In the meantime, don’t beat yourself up too much if you are trying to eat real foods and can’t afford all the ‘needs’. You are trying. You are doing better than a giant part of the population. We are in this together and I am determined to find a way!