Trending: Our Favorite Snacks Right Now

Predicting what my two year old will eat each day is sometimes impossible. His taste changes without any notice. The easiest way for me to stay ahead of this is to have plenty of options available. I spend a lot of my free time scoping out new snacks and go-to additions for every meal. The ultimate goal being that even if he only wants to eat snack food, he is still getting valuable nutrients so he is properly fueled and doesn’t crash. Below is a recap of the snacks currently in my pantry and refrigerator. Added bonus: most of these travel easily as well. I hope that you find some of these to be beneficial for your little one’s taste buds.

For additional tips on how I keep lunch packing stress free, click here


  1. Simple Mills Cheese Crackers (all flavor options are delightful)
  2. Barnana Banana and Coconut chews
  3. Larabars – especially the ‘Banana Bread’ flavor
  4. Absolutely Gluten Free crackers (usually paired with #8 or #12)
  5. Dang Coconut Chips
  6. Purely Elizabeth’s Grain Free Granola (called ‘bird snack’ or rather ‘boo nack’ in my house)
  7. Fuel for Fire squeeze pouches (used as a bedtime snack most nights)
  8. Wild Friends sunflower butter with honey (individual pouches)
  9. Fresh fruit and vegetables (a given but worth noting)
  10. Wholly Guacamole 100 Calorie containers
  11. Siggi’s 4% yogurt – Vanilla
  12. Trader Joe’s goat cheese slices
  13. Granilla bars 

Note: items in bold contain links to purchase them. Most of these items can also be purchased at Thrive Market. If you haven’t already, check them out. They are adding more product to their offering daily. It is essentially like shopping at an online Costco, that only provides food you feel good eating and sharing with your kids. Interested in learning more about Thrive Market? Click here for a detailed review I shared a while back. 

If you have a food we should try, please include it in the comment section below or send me a message.