Lunch Box Ideas – Week 30

Hello my friends! I hope you have been enjoying the heat, or at least have found ways to cope with it. We have been spending a lot of time at the local nature preserve which has wooded trails that provide lots of adventure while keeping us cool and out of direct sun. We have started discussing longer term hikes and perhaps overnight camping. I grew up not really understanding what the word ‘camping’ meant so we are taking baby steps…

Why Weekly Lunch Box Ideas?

Each week my son’s daycare provides a menu of what they will feed the kiddos for breakfast and lunch. My daily goal is to provide my son with nutrient dense, real food alternatives that look like what his classmates are eating. Lunch Box Ideas – Week 30 is a recap of my efforts from last week.

NOTE: This past week I was out of town on Thursday and the hubs made breakfast/lunch. I totally forgot to take pictures of his awesome efforts. Though not shown, my little one had real food for breakfast and lunch on Friday as well. 

Raising Primal Lunch Box:

BREAKFAST: Waffles with  Pea Protein Powder, fresh fruit, baby tomatoes
LUNCH: Banza Rotini with marinara, fresh veggies, fresh fruit

School Menu:

LUNCH: Beef Stroganoff, peas, diced peaches


Raising Primal Lunch Box:

BREAKFAST: Waffles with  Pea Protein Powder, chicken and apple sausage, fresh berries
LUNCH: Chicken and apple sausage, boiled new potatoes, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit

School Menu:

LUNCH: Tater Tot Casserole


Raising Primal Lunch Box:

BREAKFAST: Hardboiled egg, Gluten free oatmeal, unsweetened dried cherries, fresh fruit
LUNCH: Banza Rotini with chicken sausage, marinara, and goat cheese, green beans and carrots, fresh berries

School Menu:

LUNCH: Spaghetti and meat sauce, green beans


Raising Primal Lunch Box:

BREAKFAST: Homemade cassava flour pancakes, hardboiled egg, fresh fruit
LUNCH:  Gluten free chicken nuggets, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit

School Menu:

BREAKFAST: Pancakes and syrup
LUNCH: Fish sticks, pickles, bananas