Lunch Box Ideas – Week 33

Hello my friends! I feel like I have been on a mental vacation for the last few weeks. We traveled to visit family and then my sister came in town this past weekend for my birthday. I am struggling to get back on a regular schedule, but I’ll get there! I hope you are all adjusting to the school schedule! If you are in search of some easy make ahead foods to include in your child’s lunchbox, check out a previous post here. If this is your first time to join us, welcome! You can find out more about me and my mission to provide healthful meals for my child here

Why Weekly Lunch Box Ideas?

Each week my son’s daycare provides a menu of what they will feed the kiddos for breakfast and lunch. My daily goal is to provide my son with nutrient dense, real food alternatives that look like what his classmates are eating. Lunch Box Ideas – Week 33 is a recap of my efforts from last week.

NOTE: all items colored include links where they can be purchased. ENJOY!

Raising Primal Lunch Box:

BREAKFAST: Poached eggs, rice cereal, fresh fruit
LUNCH: Grilled cheese using vegan bread and raw, lactose free cheese, peas, sliced pickle, and fresh fruit and vegetables


Raising Primal Lunch Box:

BREAKFAST: Plain yogurt with muesli, poached egg, fresh fruit
LUNCH: Turkey meatballs with marinara and raw cheddar, green beans, peas, fresh berries

School Menu:

LUNCH: meatballs with marinara and cheese


Raising Primal Lunch Box:

BREAKFAST: Poached egg, rice cereal and gluten free granola, fresh fruit
LUNCH: Gluten free chicken nuggets, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables

School Menu:

LUNCH: Chicken nuggets


Raising Primal Lunch Box:

BREAKFAST: Apple sauce, over easy egg, fresh fruit
LUNCH:  Banza Shells with grilled chicken and marinara, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit

School Menu:

BREAKFAST: apple sauce
LUNCH: spaghetti and salad


Raising Primal Lunch Box:

BREAKFAST: Gluten free oatmeal with chia and flax, over easy egg, freeze dried fruit
LUNCH:  Simple Mills crackers, Nut Thins, shredded chicken, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables

School Menu:

BREAKFAST: apple sauce
LUNCH: Alphabet soup (NOTE: I let me son eat this as they made it together and he has no actual allergies)